October 18th 2016

Bid Approval
ElmWey’s bid to open a new Free School in Elmbridge in the Walton-on-Thames/Molesey area was given the go ahead in an announcement in mid July 2016.

Working with the Department for Education
Following this announcement representatives of ElmWey have met with the Department of Education to begin the process of planning in detail how the bid will be turned into reality.

ElmWey’s Capacity and Performance
Whilst there is much work to be done, ElmWey has the capacity to meet the target opening date of September 2019 and is currently working hard to turn its bid submission into far more detailed plans to cover the many aspects of setting up and running a new school. ElmWey’s students at Heathside School, Weybridge, once again achieved very good exam results this summer and it is this level of performance that ElmWey seeks to replicate at Heathside, Walton-on-Thames.

School Location
The Department of Education plays a key role in the setting up of all new schools and as is normal for such developments, is taking the lead in securing the best possible site and buildings for the school. 

Keeping You Informed
In the meantime ElmWey will continue to keep the local community, including parents of potential students and local residents groups informed of all developments.
Any interested party signing up via this website will receive regular updates on our progress and ElmWey representatives are continuing an outreach programme to meet all interested community groups.


Update 2

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