Why is a new school needed?

There is a growing need for secondary school places in Elmbridge. Surrey Local Authority predict that by September 2019 there will be a shortage of 138 secondary school places, rising to 215 by 2022. In addition a new school will give parents a greater choice of secondary education and the high standards we seek to achieve will improve the quality of provision within the borough. 

What will the school be like?

Heathside Walton-On-Thames will be a new, mixed, 11-16, non-faith based, non-selective secondary school . It will admit 150 pupils per year in its first two years of operation rising to 180 pupils per year.

How have we chosen the name?

This bid is being made by ElmWey Learning Trust which operates Heathside School Weybridge, a very successful and popular state secondary school. ElmWey seek to replicate the educational standards and ethos of Heathside Weybridge at the new Free School and there will be close and supportive links between the schools as our new school grows. Naming the new school Heathside Walton-on-Thames encapsulates both our aims and ongoing support for the new school.

What is our vision for Heathside Walton-On-Thames?

Our vision is simple, straightforward and based on an ethos of core values and standards. It is to create a school where academic progress and attainment are outstanding for all students, enabling them to access employment, further and higher education without restriction. Our vision is that all members of the school community will respect these aspirations and feel safe, secure and supported in working towards them. We want our students to feel proud to attend our school and proud of their achievements when they progress to their next career and life steps.

What are Free Schools?

Free Schools are State funded schools. The first were set up in 2011 and there are now over 300 across the country including over 120 secondary Free Schools. They are not under the control of the Local Authority and are funded directly by the Department for Education.

Who made the Bid?

The bid was made by The ElmWey Learning Trust. ElmWey currently operates Heathside School in Weybridge. Heathside Weybridge is a very successful, mixed, 11-18 secondary school. ElmWey is seeking to replicate the educational ethos, standards and achievement of Heathside Weybridge at Heathside Walton-On-Thames. Surrey Local Authority is supporting ElmWey in this bid. ElmWey will use the strengths and experience of Heathside School to help establish our new school.

Where will the school be?

We hope the school will be built between Walton-on-Thames and Molesey, so as to serve the needs of local families and the growing demand for high quality secondary education in that area.

When will the school open?

Our bid is to open to the first intake of 150 Year 7 students in September 2019. These will be students who are currently in year 3.

How will admissions work for the new school?

The school will be non-selective. Precise admissions criteria will be agreed as our plans are developed further and when the school site is finalised.

Where can I get more information?

Please register your interest via our website and we will email you updates. This website has further information and links to ElmWey Learning Trust and Heathside School so that you can see what we plan.